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Shipping: deep-sea Container

FastShip potential
Due diligence study of FastShip' commercial prospects on the Philadelphia/Cherbourg route, for potential major investor Rolls Royce.

Container service evaluation: Mediterranean/West Coast North America
Strategy for market entry: evaluation of competitor strategies, strengths and weaknesses, and supply/demand analysis of the route and its links with other trades.

Future containership design
Container carrier expectations for sizes and design parameters of future large containerships.

Feasibility study evaluation
Evaluation of a shipping line's feasibility study justifying vessel investment in a new service linking Europe to the Far East, for a Japanese bank.

UK deepsea container trade
Expert advice to bidder for the Freightliner business.

Container transhipment
Comparative assessment of container line service costs via Mina Raysul and Dubai.

Future development of container leasing
Container line lease/buy attitudes and intentions requiring both personal and telephone interviews worldwide and forecasts for medium term supply, demand, and lease rates.

Strategic implications of developments in UK container trade
Strategic study of the UK inland container haulage market and its shipping line, port, and road haulier participants, on behalf of Freightliner prior to privatisation.

Channel tunnel deepsea container strategy
Evaluation of Channel Tunnel impact on deepsea container lines' operational strategies, focusing on potential for substituting Tunnel transit for water transhipment or a direct call either in the UK or North Continent, for Intercontainer and SNCB.

World container utilisation
Consultancy advice and analysis of world container shipping line deployment and container utilisation for Transamerica attorneys in the course of their successful appeal against the withdrawal of tax credits for containers by the United States Inland Revenue Service.

Shipping magazine editorial and business development strategy
Worldwide mail and telephone readership survey designed to establish future editorial direction, for Containerisation International magazine.

Load centre potential
Assessment of perceptions and carrier attitudes to Contship Italia's Gioia Tauro load centre for container traffic between the Far East and Europe.


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