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Shipping: short-sea and inland waterway

Forecasts and business strategy for Russian inland waterways
Task Leader for economic and strategic elements of TACIS project for the development and modernisation of the Russian inland waterway system and key river ports.

Tees corridor riverside development potential
Investigation of possible new riverside industrial developments based on assessment of Tees strengths and weaknesses, as seen by current users and potential investors, for the Tees Valley Development Corporation.

Short-sea shipping
Case study, contracted for the European Commission's Analysis of the Competitive Position of Short Sea Shipping: Development of Policy Measure, focusing on competition for trade between Northern Great Britain and the North Continent between containers using northern UK ports, and accompanied trailers using southern UK ports, identifying volumes and all price and non-price factors entering into the routing decision.

Roads to water
Wide ranging evaluation of the potential for converting domestic and international road freight to coastal shipping for the UK Department of Transport, requiring cost analysis, trade data analysis and interviews with shippers, transport operators, and ports.

MAHART business restructuring
Evaluation of the Hungarian shipping line MAHART for the State owner, involving analysis of river cargo, river passenger, tourism, port, deep-sea, shiprepair, and forwarding businesses.

River trade forecasts
Forecasts of Pearl River Delta container feeder traffic for the Government of Hong Kong, based on market study of leading terminal operators, shippers, forwarders, and deepsea container lines.

Roads to water implications for Hong Kong
The application of Europe/US modal competition experience to the Pearl River Delta trade.

Shipping economics training
Container shipping economics training course for the Panama Canal Authority commercial and planning management.

Logistics impact on short-sea shipping
Study of the requirements imposed on short-sea shipping services by developments in distribution practices, for DG VII.

Market for short-sea shipping
Statistical evaluation of the potential port hinterland markets for river/sea operating between the UK and Germany, combining UK with German trade and transport statistics. Study of competition in the UK/Spanish freight market, and the potential for a new direct unaccompanied trailer ferry service.

Aggregate distribution from Scotland to south-east England
Competitive analysis of coastal/transhipment aggregate distribution on behalf of Trainload Freight.

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