Corona Virus changing Trade, Ports & Terminals – Webinar -Transport Events 15th May 2020

Coronavirus is bringing lasting change to the way we all live and spend our money.

It is ushering in a new era for our economy.

Businesses should prepare for lasting change to the consumer economy, and other areas of the economy will need to step up to fill the changes in demand. Yes its a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to do things differently and to build a more inclusive economy that works for everyone.

If you plan is returning to yesterdays normal, you are missing an opportunity.

Historically ports have marketed themselves though maps of their geographic position connecting land and sea trade routes.
Today those ports that own, and share data, will draw new maps of how their electronic network connects stakeholders, and as a consequence adds value, facilitating new trading opportunities.

We are seeing this change develop as Ports and Terminals, responding to the new social needs, have managed to achieve in 4-5 weeks, change that may otherwise have taken years, with online interactions with clients, iPad & tablet interactions for work orders, and remote working, that has already changed our working culture.

Do join us for the Transport Events briefing on Friday 15th May whch is about those challenges and opportunities currently being experienced by our ports and terminals .

Steve Cameron