RYA Qualifications – Powerboats

At my local Thames sailing club at Hammermsith, we provide all the RYA training courses from competent crew (dinghy) to powerboat, and Ocean Yacht Master. The opportunity to get out onto the water whilst still in central london, is a great way to shed stress, exercise, and make new friends. As an RYA instructor, I have just run my 5th powerboat level 1&2 course this year. I can recommend the RYA courses for anyone or any age, and experience, as an introduction boating, yachting, and sailing. They provide the skills, and knowledge, that enable you to  enjoy being on the water, whilst keeping your family, and friends, whom may be with you, safe.  Our rivers, lakes and seas, attract us at this time of the year, but without the knowledge, or experience, they can easily become  dangerous places to be when something goes wrong, the weather deteriorates, or the tide changes.  So come on in and join us.   When you know what you are doing,  the water is lovely!