Nautical Institute 50th Anniversary Friday 8th April

Come and join us onboard HQS Wellington, this Friday for our 50th anniversary event where we will be exploring four principal areas: Criminalisation, Environment, Technology, and Digitisation, where we will also be seeking answers to the following questions…

  • Why do countries persist in criminalising seafarers?
  • Why are seafarers arrested for events outside their control?
  • How can seafarers keep up with fast changing technology?
  • How can conflicts between ships with a high degree of autonomy and those with little or none be managed?


This  event is attractively priced at £100 for NI Members and £175 for non-members.  It includes a 4½ hour event with speakers from industry-leading organisations.  The conference is designed to encourage contribution and debate from delegates and  is taking place on-board HQS Wellington, one of London’s iconic venues which has very real links to our industry and our careers.

Register here to join us