Kind Leadership

Last year at the Maritime Professional Council (MPC), we undertook an initial pilot study of in the maritime industry to discover whether ‘Kind Leadership’:
– Has a place in the maritime industry.
– Could be used to enhance the industry’s leadership and safety culture.
– Could improve the well-being of individuals.

With strong positive feedback to the initial questions, a larger study was run this year for us by the Nautical Institute.

88% agreed that there was a place for ‘Kind Leadership’ in the maritime industry.

– The respondents generally viewed ‘Kind Leadership’ as an effective way of enhancing leadership, safety culture, team motivation, communication and improving the well-being of individuals.
– There was a strong belief that ‘Kind Leadership’ could be learnt and taught in the working environment and through carefully planned activities in the classroom and online.
– A prevalent theme in the findings was the impact that onboard leadership practices have on cadets.

As a result of the feedback, MPC is recommending that ‘Kind Leadership’ be:
– Integrated into a modernised cadet curriculum to prepare the maritime leaders of the future.
– Implemented via formal mentoring practices.
– Used to improve teaching and learning practices during the ‘sea phase’ placement of cadets.

The full report is available here

We would much appreciate feedback on the report, and ideas as to how its findings could be implemented – perhaps as recognised best practice to supplement current STCW training. Please do get in touch, as your comments and ideas, will guide our next steps, and please do circulate this to industry colleagues .